Thursday, September 20, 2007

Week 9: Thing 23

This program has been interesting. I have my favorites and ones that I still used.I have recently setup a blog for books that I have read with Library Thing to advertise the books. I just have to make time to do the blog.
Another item I still use is Bloglines to keep current of deals on the internet and what going on in the world of wrestling. I check Bloglines everyday and will continue to do so.
I like this program and would participate in this again. I feel programs to help staff learn new technology is very valuable and help to branch out how the library can reach it's customers.
The program was very well thought through and I would like to do the rest of the 43 things at another time.

Week 9: Thing 20

I like youtube one of the wrestling shows that I watch uses youtube to advertise for their show. This is a link to wrestling bloppers.
Youtube is very good for libraries to show storytime and other events that can be viewed.

Week 9:Thing 21

I liked podcastalley directory better than podcast. Podcast did not seem to have an recent ones for the subjects I like. Podcastalley had a review of wrestling business for the week show. I will be exploring this site in more depth.
I found one library podcast that has not been updated since May. It is called library geek and is very interesting, because of the subject matter. Most of the libraries were using podcast to promote events.

Week 9: Thing 22

While downloading an audiobook may sound great, it takes up space and takes too long to download. The download speed is not very good for those who have mid to low range connection speed to the internet. I have used Overdrive before to download Christine Feehan's books and it took very long with Verizon broadband internet.

I also downloaded an audiobook from Amazon and had the same problem. I did not like having to download software to my computer.

I definitely will not be trying this anymore.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Week 8: Thing 19

I tried the social networking site of Ning. I wanted to join a network of lovers of romance novels. I did not find anything interesting. I don't think that this site is for me. I just wanted to know someone who reads the same stuff as me and could give me any new authors. I would love to talk about my authors. This is a very interesting idea, because book discussion at the library are not about the topics I am interested in. I will try to either start a group or find one with my style of reading.
It seems very similar to Yahoo groups which I am currently a member. I think I like Yahoo better, because I can find people who read along the same topics. I also like Yahoo because it is not graphics heavy.

Week 8: Thing 18

I used Zoho Writer to create a document for work. I like the easy of everything. The images for editing your documents are easily displayed. I like how page break is an images so you do not have to hunt it down like in Word
I am not a big fan of Microsoft Word and would make Zoho my first option, when typing up a document. I try to have the most current copy of Wordperect at hand, but that is not always possible. If I had to choose between Word, Wordperfect or Zoho, I would chose Wordperfect or Zoho depending on my purpose of use.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Week 7: Thing 17

I likes adding to the Maryland Libraries Sandbox. I wish the lesson was to add to a subject of interest. I am definitely going to add a link on a wiki. It was very easy.